Horror at Ashfield

In Literacy we have been thinking about playscripts, we decided to create our own horror stories.  We started off by using Comic Life to sequence our ideas and decide where to plan in our special effects.   Below is an example of one of our comics:


Next we wrote out our ideas as a playscript, making sure we included all of the features that a playscript should have.  Read an example here: tentical-trouble-no2

 Finally we used the digiblue cameras to film and edit our fantastic playscripts, you can watch one example below but please visit this link to see them all

Dilemmas in Literacy

For the past few weeks we have been thinking about stories with dilemmas in our Literacy work.  We have created some super photostory videos to help us sequence our ideas, can you work out what dilemma the character is facing?

Today we have been thinking about how to describe our characters for our dilemma stories by showing the reader what they are like, rather than just saying it, e.g. we might say ‘the sun reflected from his shining golden hair’ rather than ‘he is blond’. It makes our writing much more descriptive. Click on the photos to read some of our work, how well do you think we are doing?

Talking in Numeracy

In 4D, far from trying to get the class to be quiet during numeracy, I am encouraging them to talk more! Well, as long as they are talking about numeracy. Our latest project has been to create a piece of work using ICT explaining how to do our latest method for addition, the expanded verticle method.  Some of 4D chose to create a powerpoint, some chose to create an explanation worksheet and some chose to film a Professor Von Explainzeet drama.  Here are some examples of our work:

Click below to watch Hannah’s powerpoint video  


 Ben has produced a helpful worksheet, can you answer the questions? Click this > b1



Snow Fun in 4D!

Well, it was fun in the snow at Ashfield Park today as we awoke to see a blanket of snow covering the countryside.  I’m sure all of Class 4D were as disappointed excited as me to find out that ours was the ONLY school in the area still open for business.  Nevermind, we had a great day (all 14 of us who made it in!).  If you look closely at our picture on the end you should just be able to make out our snowman, Sludge, shortly before his demise (at the hands of the innoccent looking children in the picture)

Fairy Kingdom Estate Agents Online!

This week in 4D we have been learning new design and technology skills to help us create 3D houses for different faitytale characters.  Once created, we visited Mrs Robbins at Parry’s Estate Agents to help use learn all about selling houses, we really enjoyed our trip!  Finally we used the persuasive writing techniques we had been learning about in Literacy to help us draft our house details using Publisher on the school laptops.  Although we have been working hard, we have we have been having a lot of fun!  Watch the video below to see 4D in action then visit our class wiki page to see all of the houses online.


Can we help you?

4D are going to do some work on problem solving in numeracy this week.  As part of this we are going to podcast an Agony Aunt show, where hopefully we will be able to help you by explaining how to solve your numeracy related problems.  Do you have any problems we could use for our show? Please leave them as a comment on this post, along with your name and location.  The quesions (and answers) will be available on our podcast player soon!

A grand day out!

Yesterday 4D, along with the other Year 3’s and 4’s, got dressed up as Victorians and enjoyed an exciting trip out of the classroom to The Judge’s Lodging Museum in Presteigne, Mid Wales.  A fantastic time was had by all, one child even commented:

“…..and the gift shop wasn’t even the best bit!”

High praise indeed! Visit the museum’s website to see more images by clicking here . 4D members can leave a comment on this post to tell me what their favourite part was.


Blogging All Over The World…

If you have been checking out our visitor map you will have noticed that we have been visited by teachers and students from all over the world! Very exciting!

 One class in New York USA have asked us to become their blogging buddies – we will be learning a lot more about their class and 4D will have the opportunity to blog to an American friend.  I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get started!  You can visit their blog by clicking here or by using the link on our blogroll.

 To our blogging buddies we want to know:

What is it like going to school in America?

Super Story Starters…

We have been thinking about different ways to start stories in Literacy this week – we looked at three ways to grab the reader’s attention in class:

1) Straight into the action

2) Strange or unexpected happenings

3) Asking the reader a question

Here are some of our super starter sentences – do you recognise them?

Click on the image to make it bigger, don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us what you think!